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lea blair whitcher


a utopian vision

what if a city prioritized care work above all else?

Care City is a fictional place and a utopian idea that wants to spread across the globe and reach as many hearts and minds as possible.As the Care Collective puts it the The Care Manifesto:
"We live in a world in which carelessness reigns".
Care City is the vision of a place where the opposite is the case.
Putting on the glasses of Care City Citizen and seeing our reality from this perspective can help to fuel our imaginations of how our world can be different. From this perspective it can feel possible and doable to take actions here and now.If this idea speaks to you and tickles your creativity, please use it for your own project! We ask you to continue the tradition: Make your project "open source" and "non-profit": In Care City, there is no reason to claim or own or make profit from our creations.If you would like to connect your project to the others, you can use the hashtags
If you have any questions, inputs or critique, please contact Lea Blair Whitcher, who is the currently m:othering this project in #carecityzurich: [email protected]

can you imagine

what would the city look like?

can you imagine

how would you work, live, and love?

lets start building this vision together.