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parallel dimension / dream / vision / playground for ideas / fiction / utopia?

what if a city prioritized care work above all else?

Hi there. #carecity is an multidisplinary art project currently m*othered by me - Lea Blair Whitcher. This website is temporarily under construction, and the content is a bit reduced. But feel free to snoop around, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me:

Care City is a fictional place and a playgound for ideas that wants to spread across the globe and reach as many hearts and minds as possible.As the Care Collective puts it the The Care Manifesto:
"We live in a world in which carelessness reigns".
Care City is the vision of a place where the opposite is the case.
Putting on the glasses of Care City Citizen and seeing our reality from this perspective can help to fuel our imaginations of how our world can be different. From this perspective it can feel possible and doable to take actions here and now.

"Care is our individual and common ability to provide
the political, social, material and emotional conditions
that allow the vast majority
of people and living creatures
on this planet to thrive -
along with the planet intself."
- The Care Collective in
"the care manifesto"

spread the wor(l)d:


what would the city look like? How would you work, move, love?


15. – 17. September 2023 // Bern / Performing Arts & Action
Konferenz, Marktplatz, Workshops, Party und Kunst
m2act x Burning Issues"


20. April 2023 // Helferei Zürich / Gesprächsreihe
Wer hat hier eigentlich Recht.. auf Reichtum?
9. Dez 22 // Geerenweg 2 / Story-Telling-Event
Story Space - "Forgetting women*"
13. Okt 22 / Kellertheater Winterthur / Talk-Reihe Kulthurpuls/
Es braucht ein ganzes Dorf um
22.+23. Okt 22 / Rote Fabrik Zürich /
Aktionskonferenz Für Widerstand Sorgen


Burning IssuesWirtschaft ist CareSorgende StädteNetzwerk Care RevolutionFamily*business kunstundcareNetzwerk Respekt
Bini Adamczak
Women in Exile
Dr. Yv Nay
Curating by @hausvrau.b.poderosa
Bettina Dyttrich
Christa Wichterich
Haus mit Herz